Our vision is to be an educational institution of optimal performance,

playing a meaningful role in society.


We are committed to:


  • Acknowledging and complying with the democratic values

          enshrined in the South African Constitution;

  • Nurturing and promoting a culture of quality and autonomous


  • Encouraging collective and individual development:

          mental, physical and spiritual;

  • Providing a climate conducive to imaginative and innovative

involvement at all levels of decision-making

  • Creating a friendly, safe and courteous atmosphere, in which

the needs and expectations of the individual learner are put first;

  • Educating for life, addressing and involving ourselves in the

challenges facing society;

  • Encouraging and creating opportunities for all adults working in

the school to expand the range of their professional abilities;

  • Rendering those services needed to support the learners’

          educational experiences, now and in the future.